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Friday, May 26, 2006

3G in Brunei

Today, mom bought a new 3G phone, her first one.

Well, she bought a Nokia 7680 less than 3 months ago, and now a new phone again, woot!

That's enough to prove how 'geeky' mom is huh? And she insist not to give me her Nokia 7680! Urgh, she said she wants both DST and Bmobile in her hands, what the?

Aw nevermind, let's stick with my 'classic' Nokia 2100, LoL!~

I aint any 3G enthusiast until I had my first try upon it.

Well, the streaming of videos is very fast, far faster than what I had expected.

Probably due to my dissapointment towards Brunei's technologies, I was expecting the 3G services to be damn slow and laggy all the way.

But hell, it's really 'streaming' and smooth!

I tried only several services in the Bworld provided by Bmobile, where you can view movies, live news, music videos and many many more.

There's even Pheonix TV(chinese channel) but brother told me that it's not live TV.

By the way, the internet speed is told to be pretty fast too, so, time for me to add 3G and Bmobile into my wishlist?


Mom's new 3G Phone: Sony Ericsson K600
Current price :

Incomn : Around B$400 for handset only
Bmobile: B$452, included : 3G Handset, B$30.00 Registration Fee, B$50.00 Deposit. One Month Advance on Lite Plan

This is certainly one of the earliest 3G phones available in Brunei, and it really deppreciated a lot.


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