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Saturday, May 20, 2006

Welcome to Brunei Geek Blog!

;ast nightDear blog-ders,

Well, this is the second blog I created today, and the third I had with at the moment, woot!

Okie, I am a geek, and I really love computer, internet and all sorts of gadgets out there.

As a Bruneian, I had been watching the local IT market for years, and is constantly updating my knowledge and informations regarding this.

Ok, who is a geek?

According to, a geek is a person who is extremely interested and knowledgeable about computers, electronics, technology, and gadgets.

I suppose that's me? Hehe.

So, stay tune on this blog for news and updates on the local IT development ya?

Also, feel free to visit my other blogs:

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IngSiang's PhotoBlog : Photos speaks a thousand words!

Stay tuned people! Stay geek!

Best regards,
Brunei Geek.


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