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Monday, June 19, 2006

BruNet Blogs

This isn't new but I think it's still not too late to be blogged about. I first found out about this BruNet Blog few months ago, when I was collecting links of Brunei websites.

BruNet Blog
were done by using WordPress Multi-User version, which I once tried to implement into my website, Vrien-Den, but failed. The BruNet people succeed in implementing this nightly builds(unstable) WordPress MU and they're giving free accounts to all customers of Brunet.

From what I had seen, you can't sign up for a BruNet Blog yourself. You need to first get a BruNet email account, which comes with almost all the products of BruNet(BruNet Dial-up, Espeed and etc). You can then get an invitation by sending the staff a request mail. It's quite a frustrating process for me, but not for the 501 people who had created their blog with it so far.

However, out of the 501 blogs created so far, more than 300, or even 400 is inactive. To be more precise, they never touch their blog. All these blogs had the default title of "BruNet Valued Customer's Blog"(example) and a sample post. It's kind of, dissapointing here.

And know what? I found C.H.M.S. Computer Studies Blog! It's really surprising to found that, but yet the blog is kind of dissapointing. What I see there is just some scrap news and a distorted blog. Well, but at least, our school started one, and I think they should had assign a few students to do the writing, since the teachers were too busy for that, hmmm.

There's also a blog for PTEB, the new form six center in Berakas. Well, it's more like a forum for me tho, as they are posting stuffs like "What do your parents and/or grandparents think about the seriousness and amount of crime being committed in Brunei today? ", and some ten to twenty comments revolving that topic is posted. Cool tho, at least a good head start. By the way, they even had the minister to look at their blog, upon his last visit, what the? I am going to get the JTB people to look at this blog then, hehe.

They had also installed a widget(sort of like a plugin), which allow people to photoblog through their mobiles and B.Mobile. Click here to learn more. It's pretty cool tho, especially for those who hold the Nokia N-series 3G phones.

Well, those blogs in BruNet Blog is pretty inactive, and I think the updates in all 5 blogs of mine is even faster, and more than the total updates in the 501 blogs of it, LoL!

Saturday, June 17, 2006

Outdated News : JTB to TelBru

Here's an outdated news, which I found out only an hour ago, when I was surfing on BruNet's website(the helpful links section). Well, guess it wasn't too late for the old folks in JTB to realise that they're way behind the world, hehe. I am pretty happy to see such big changes to it, even tho it happened in 1st of April and I knew it only now, gah!

Here's the introduction from their 'new' website:

1st April 2006 marked the corporatisation of Jabatan Telekom Brunei (JTB) which means the separation of service provider and regulatory functions previously held by Jabatan Telekom Brunei .

Telekom Brunei Darussalam (TelBru) as the successor company will be the service provider in delivering info-communication services and Authority for Info-communications Technology Industry of Brunei Darussalam (AiTi) is responsible to license, regulate and develop the local ICT industry and manage the national radio frequency spectrum.
Well, if I am not wrong, I think they mean that the services provider, which is TelBru(and I think BruNet is a division/department of TelBru), is now a seperated corporation, meaning that they're no longer under JTB.

It's like, TelBru is a seperated from JTB, and will continue to grow as a seperated corporation, while JTB will remain as a government ministry.

Well, I think it's a cool step ahead for Brunei ICT development, and I suppose things would be much better this way.

From what I had seen from their website, TelBru seems to be responsible for providing internet services(also know as Brunei's ISP), telephony services(excluded 2G mobile services provided by DST and 3G mobile services provided by B.Mobile), all the phone cards and net cards services, and also the radio frequency stuffs.

Well, I am still exploring their website, and they seems to surprise me quite a lot. I like the Espeed website(not sure if it's new one tho), hmm, not that bad huh?

By the way, I love the new TelBru logo, hehe, at least it's much more professional-like this time.

Guess that's all for now, stay tune people, I'll keep this post updated as soon as I have new updates or changes/mistakes to be corrected, see ya people!

Oh ya, feel like contacting me if you know more about this. ^^

Hey, did I mention that the managing director of TelBru is a chinese? Haha, he's called Song King Koi.

Friday, June 16, 2006

MasterCard For Everyone?

Few days ago, I saw a great news on the newspaper, something which I had been waiting for as long as I am exposed to Internet, a Baiduri MasterCard Cash Card.

What's so great about it? Well, it's the only online acceptable card I can apply for, at least the only one for the time being.

To own the card, you just need to be at least 12 years old, and NO minimum income requirement(all other cards, those which bear the MasterCard and VISA logos, has a minimum income requirement, which means I can get one YET!), and you don't even need to hold a Baiduri Bank account, cool huh? The requirement to own this card is much like those of the Baiduri MTV Debit Card(I hate that card!), which means I am kind of sure that I can get one, pretty soon, hehe.

Well, this time, I hope it's really acceptable online, LoL! I was kind of 'tricked' years ago, when I was told by those Baiduri staffs that the stupid MTV Debit Card works like a MasterCard credit card, and is acceptable at places where the MasterCard logo is display. However, when I go into the details of the policy later, I notice that it's only acceptable at places where the "MasterCard ELECTRONIC" logo is displayed, hell, not even one online merchant accept that! I wasted 15 or 25 bucks, I forgot, to get that stupid card and didn't even use it for more than thrice, hell. So I hope it's really a MASTERCARD only this time.

If it's really a MasterCard, online purchases would be widely available in Brunei, not only to those adults who actually owned a credit card, but also to those students and new generation(like me!) in Brunei! That's a real good news people. Another great thing is that, it's NOT a credit card. It's a prepaid CashCard, which works much like a debit card. You top up your card, and you are allowed to spent up to whatever amount you have in it. The policy stated that the daily limit is BND10,000 or the balance in your card, so guess that's it. Now you no longer need to fear that you might get spam or cheated online, and you money would be stole! Just put some money inside, let's say 50 bucks, so even if you're cheated, you lost not more than 50bucks! Ah, that's a big reduce of online purchase risk! I like it, heh!~

And parents can even use it to issue pocket money to children! It's easy for parents to give money to overseas son. You just top it up here in Baiduri Bank branches, and your son will get whatever amount you put in at any ATM which displayed the MasterCard logo, cool huh?

Finally, here I come,,!(my favourite online shopping websites! Read more from GorgeouStuffs!)

P.S: I can't find the MTV Debit Card section from Baiduri's website anymore, did they take it down or my mistake? Hmm, maybe they realised that it's just a junk card hence decided to stop promoting it? Hell, what stylish card, useless junk, bleh.

Updates: I found the MTV Debit Card pages here, but hmmm, why aren't it available in the "card services" navigation menu?