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Monday, June 19, 2006

BruNet Blogs

This isn't new but I think it's still not too late to be blogged about. I first found out about this BruNet Blog few months ago, when I was collecting links of Brunei websites.

BruNet Blog
were done by using WordPress Multi-User version, which I once tried to implement into my website, Vrien-Den, but failed. The BruNet people succeed in implementing this nightly builds(unstable) WordPress MU and they're giving free accounts to all customers of Brunet.

From what I had seen, you can't sign up for a BruNet Blog yourself. You need to first get a BruNet email account, which comes with almost all the products of BruNet(BruNet Dial-up, Espeed and etc). You can then get an invitation by sending the staff a request mail. It's quite a frustrating process for me, but not for the 501 people who had created their blog with it so far.

However, out of the 501 blogs created so far, more than 300, or even 400 is inactive. To be more precise, they never touch their blog. All these blogs had the default title of "BruNet Valued Customer's Blog"(example) and a sample post. It's kind of, dissapointing here.

And know what? I found C.H.M.S. Computer Studies Blog! It's really surprising to found that, but yet the blog is kind of dissapointing. What I see there is just some scrap news and a distorted blog. Well, but at least, our school started one, and I think they should had assign a few students to do the writing, since the teachers were too busy for that, hmmm.

There's also a blog for PTEB, the new form six center in Berakas. Well, it's more like a forum for me tho, as they are posting stuffs like "What do your parents and/or grandparents think about the seriousness and amount of crime being committed in Brunei today? ", and some ten to twenty comments revolving that topic is posted. Cool tho, at least a good head start. By the way, they even had the minister to look at their blog, upon his last visit, what the? I am going to get the JTB people to look at this blog then, hehe.

They had also installed a widget(sort of like a plugin), which allow people to photoblog through their mobiles and B.Mobile. Click here to learn more. It's pretty cool tho, especially for those who hold the Nokia N-series 3G phones.

Well, those blogs in BruNet Blog is pretty inactive, and I think the updates in all 5 blogs of mine is even faster, and more than the total updates in the 501 blogs of it, LoL!


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