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Monday, October 16, 2006

QQ eStore

QQ eStore Logo.
QQ eStore, Brunei's Largest Online SuperStore

P.S: They're suppose to call themselves Gadgets eMall as they're selling only electronics, computers, mobiles and other gadgets. hmmm...

I suppose most of you heard of it before, but few actually pay it a serious visit. Why? Because when we saw "QQ", we know only one thing - expensive. Since their first existance in Brunei as QQ Station, they'reselling their products at a fairly high price. From mobile downloads to mobiles, everything they sell seems to be marked up by a little bit more than WyWy, DeeJay, Fock Lee and other local retailers.

When I saw the site from Eteng's blog, I thought it would it expensive again, and I don't even feel like clicking on it!

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