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Friday, November 24, 2006

Impact of 'e-Slow' on E-Gov Project

Brunei acts on e-govt programme

BRUNEI Darussalam is reviewing priorities for action to develop an e-government programme. Minister of Communications, Pehin Orang Kaya Setia Kerna Dato Seri Setia Abu Bakar Apong said his ministry has deliberated issues of Brunei's e-government programme known as E-Government Strategic Framework for Action 2001-2005. (...)

Hi-tech congress discusses options

A SPEAKER in a congress on e-government has raised a concern that the current e-government initiatives, which place people and technology in a different relationship than that in the past, may not provide enough attention on the citizens so efforts to integrate the two is a must. (...)

Net culture to drive e-government initiative

THE internet culture is so deeply ingrained into Canadian society that the citizens themselves constitute the main driving force behind their government's decision to go online.

Keynote speaker Michael Turner said at the E-Government Brunei Congress yesterday that Canadians were driven by their familiarity with internet services, including consumer review forums and web applications such as online auction giant eBay, to request the shift to e-government. (...)

Well, one good thing about working is I get to read BruneiTimes and Borneo Bulletin for free, LoL. Not that I am so 'cheap', but yea, I don't go out every morning and mom only subscribe Miri Daily News, so, haha. =)

I went to office early today, again, and I flip through a copy of Brunei Times on the table, and "wao!", three pieces of news about E-Gov project and the first Brunei E-Gov congress.

"...the minister said the government and a team of consultants from the Brunei Shell Petroleum examined issues which drove the current e-government programme and identified actions forward to improve the program implementation for 2006-2010. One key action determined in the review report was the recommended appointment of an e-government leader."

I hope he's not another old man(consider he never really access the web himself?) who don't really know what's the need/want of the citizens.

What's our need? The answer is obvious.... A REAL 'ESPEED'(Yes, we want S-P-E-E-D)! And better Brunet!

Without a good ISP(Internet Service Provider), the E-Gov project would never reach it's full potential. Imagine you just filled a form, and you click the "Submit form", and wait for years and the result = Request Timeout(means your connection failed and your form isn't submitted), DUH! And trying to access the e-Gov website through Brunet connection could just mean that you're actually spending more time that you would by going to the office yourself!

The e-Gov project are suppose to provide faster and more efficient services to the people, but with the current ISP, it's almost mission impossible 4. It's like building a huge shopping mall with no parking and accessible roads(yes, I am talking about going to The Mall, Gadong, at Saturday night).

Brunei allocated $1 billion in the National Development Plan for its current e-government programme.

Why don't they just spend 10% of that on improving the internet connection, and gain 30%(at least) of improvement? Duh!?

The GOL project's implementation period spanned from October 1999 to March 2006, and was pronounced successful after achieving its goals of rendering the Canadian government more accessible to the public, improving the quality and responsiveness of civil services and providing secure electronic data transactions over the internet. The GOL project placed 130 of the Canadian Government's most popular services online. A survey conducted between 2004 and 2005 revealed that 76 per cent of Canada's population agree that the internet facilitates access to information on their government's programmes and services, and that 60 per cent of Canadians feel that e-mail will become the main method of communication with their government within the next 5 years.

Ok, this guy(I think from the congress) is working with the Canada e-Gov project before, and he keeps on talking and impressing others with the success of canada e-Gov project.

Man, I know all the figures are cool but they forgot to one thing - "What's the percentage of Canadian satisfied with their internet connection(speed)?", and how about the percentage of Bruneians satisfied with thier 'e-Slow' and Brunet? Expecting a contrasting figure here.

By the way, if you're not from Brunei, and you wonder how bad is our ISP, refers to these posts from several bloggers: ChungSun, Lizzie, BruneiResources and LSM. Not all of them is complaining about e-slow, some are just doing it indirectly, LoL.

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