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Saturday, March 31, 2007

BITEX Fair 2007, Wow!

Yes, my visit to the BITEX Fair 2007 in The Mall yesterday was indeed a big "WOW". I realize that it had been quite some time since I last pay an eye on the prices of gadget (I used to do that, remembering prices of gadgets from local and international dealers, and being able to read out all the prices when friends asked, haha), so I am a bit 'sa-kai' at the price margin of the gadgets.

I was like a stupid person there, "WTF? OMG?" here and there as I saw the prices of memory cards, hard disks, DVD burners, mp3/mp4/media player and etc. In my opinon, this is the BITEX Fair with the strongest price-war I ever seen, where card readers are sold at B$3.80 (single shot card reader, reads only SD/MMC, I bought one because my current card reader's SD/MMD slot isn't working well)! And I almost cry when I saw 4GB Sony MemoryStick Pro Duo sold for B$150, T_T! It used to be really, really expensive... Awww, maybe I am really outdated already, lol. =(

I was running around the fair, comparing prices, and it's pretty obvious that the booth with the most people is the one with the lowest price, yes, BiT Computer. They have the most competitive prices, and their booth is so full, fully packed with dozens of customers. And some other vendors are forced to keep their prices low as well, you can see that from the "Webcam B$20 Webcam B$15" (2 years ago, I bought one at B$45, omg...), LoL.

As usual, services of some of the vendors are great, like NetcomHouse, Bridgelink and BiT, where as others s*cks, like Comp****Zon*, who refuse to allow me to take a look at the HDD casing, hehe, that's what B*sell*r did to me when I am about to purchase my first mp3 player last time, at the BITEX Fair (I end up buying one from Netcom House, and they sell at a cheaper price! Like 30 bucks less, compare with B*sell*r, should had thanks the B*sell*r salesgirl, hehe).

P.S: I know that's part of their policy, but well, I just can't help getting pissed off about it, hehe, trying to 'jual mahal'? =S

In my opinion, there's a great shift of customers from Concepts and Netcom House to BiT computer in this fair, as BiT won the pricing-war (actually they're concentrating on different products, Concepts and NetcomHouse were selling laptops and graphic cards, while BiT concentrating on low-cost gadgets). I still remember the time when NetcomHouse booth was so busy, hmmm...

P.S: But I think Concepts and NetcomHouse are making a lot of profit as well, because one single laptop sold could beat 100 card readers sold at Bit kua. =)


Here's what I bought in the end, 1) SD/MMC Card Reader B$3.80, 2) 1GB MiniSD B$21 after discount (For my B$99, so I can put YiFei's mp3 and photos into it, yea!), external HDD casing B$12.

The Folca (white storage case) and the black phone bag are bought from the 2.99 shop at Batu Bersurat, the shop where Hon, Tony and others worked before.

I spent my whole night downloading yifei's photos into my phone (I have to re-download them from the web as my PC broke down), and also yifei's mp3, hehe, I love my new memory card and card reader! They might be cheap, but pretty reliable, at least better than my previous RM100 card reader + USB hub, it works once in a while, doink. @_@

And I don't know how to 'pasang' (assembly) my hard disk, I mean, I don't know how to remove it from the old casing, and install in into this new casing. Don't dare to simply try, better bring it to BiT next week, and ask them to 'pasang' for me. =)

dsc02527.JPG Oh yea, I still can't stop laughing at the brand name of my new external hard disk casing - SAMSNUG! Read it out loud people, it's really funny! xD "Sam~ Snug/snuk!", HAHAHAHA!! XD But the quality is fine, so yea (Sorry Samsung, although I am a fan boy of your products, but.. but...).

Feel free to read LSM's post here, read the BruneiTimes article as well(use the 'mirror' link). =) They have their point here, I sort of having the same feeling as well.

And tomorrow would be Microsoft's road show, hmmm, not sure if I would be there, after all, I am quite anti-microsoft, HAHAHAHA. =)

P.S: Everything I blogged here is IN MY OWN OPINION, ok? =)


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