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Monday, March 05, 2007

Simpur's Blogging Nation

Last month, Simpur launched a new website, Blogging Nation. It's a listing directory for local blogs. The launching of Simpur's BN (Blogging Nation) is a proof of the fast development of Brunei's blogosphere.

The overall design is very striking, it's very nice with the round-corner design and excellent colour coordination. In my opinion, one of the drawback is that the directory (links) section is too low at the very bottom of the site (thus requires a lot of scrolling).

I think they should do more about the listings, instead of the "how to create blog" and etc. They should try to implement a php directory script for that, so bloggers can just submit their blog URL, name, description and etc through forms. After all, simple categorization (photoblog, personal blog, tech, shopping...) and name (name of blog, sometimes the blogger himself) are not enough for readers to locate the blog they really wanted to read.

But at least, they're doing something. =)

Sorry guys, I will be very busy these days, due to my A level studies (which started in MD days ago). I am not going to update this blog frequently (I actually stopped updating this blog since months ago, but some came here thru BN these days), and I am very sorry about that. I am going to blog only when there's any new shakers out there in Brunei's ICT development. =)

Thanks for reading my crappy post. =)

P.S: Simpur's BN linked 5 of my blogs (while I request them to link 2 only, but they found the other 3 in my Blogger profile listing, and linked them too), which around 3-4 are inactive, haha, I am not sure if I should ask them to take them down, I don't want to ruin the listing, man. =(


  • At Tuesday, March 20, 2007 10:23:00 AM, Blogger IngSiang said…

    They changed the layout already, they moved the directory section up. I wonder if they did that after they came across what I wrote? @_@ But it's much better now. xD

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